Single Rope Disc 1

This DVD is designed as an introduction to jump rope. It covers the very basics through intermediate skills and speed step. Each of the first four skill levels is followed by a skills test. This DVD is great for any age jumper that is looking to learn new skills or for PE teachers looking for a complete jump rope curriculum.


Single Rope Disc 2

This DVD is a continuation of the first single rope DVD. Levels five and six are covered followed by a skills test for each level. This DVD also includes four routines choreographed by skill level. Each routine can be performed to suggested music and can be synchronized with any size group of jumpers.


Two Person Skills

This DVD teaches all the skills you can do with two! 2-person-1-rope, traveller, and Chinese wheel are demonstrated and instructed for anyone to learn. By learning the basics taught on this DVD, you can be creative with partner routines. Single rope pairs routines are explained as well.


Double Dutch

This DVD teaches double dutch starting from the very basics of how to turn and jump to intermediate tricks. Speed, pop-ups, switches, footwork, power skills, up the ladder turner involvement, and wheel skills are also covered with three and four people. There are also demos of competitive routines to help beginning jumpers understand the creative aspect and possibilities of double dutch. This DVD also includes Chinese Wheel with 3 and 4 people.


Both Single Rope DVDs

Buy both single rope DVDs and save!


Complete Set

All four Skipping Skills DVDs. Best value!